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Welcome to Wayne's Setters. We strive to breed quality English and Llewelllin setters for hunting. Always feel free to contact us for quality pups. Thanks for looking and good hunting.

                                                                                                  Wayne Lathrom

For more information on buying pups. You may call : (541) 922-3617 or email [email protected]  

The English Bondhu was developed 150 years ago by Humphrey and Father Brannon who hybrid  the English Setter. The International Progressive dog Breeders Association was created because AKC would not recognize the Lluellin Setter as a separate breed from the English Setter. In order for the bloodlines to be kept true they are registered with the International Progressive Dog Breeders Association .

Puppies Arriving in June 2015


        Female 100% Humphrey

        English bred Bondhu

International Progressive Dog Breeders Alliance Registered

Puppies coming in June 2015


          100% Bondhu English Bred

Male dog on both litters

International Progressive Dog Breeders Alliance registered


          American bred Llewellin setter

Female Out of Bomber King bloodline International Progressive Dog Breeders alliance registered

Puppies coming in June 2015